Return to your rest, my soul.


There is a verse that goes “Return to your rest, my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.” When I read it I cant help but think about how blessed I have been to escape any major harm, either physical, mental, or emotional. But others around me have not been so lucky, and I have to wonder “why?”


When left in the aftermath of a death it can be hard to know what to say, what to do, what to think. There was a boy who passed away in my hometown that was a stranger to me, and yet the hundreds of mutual friends that we had astounded me. People came out of thin air to support the family, and his brother, with a kind of love that could only be described as heaven sent.


When he died people began to ask questions like “Why did God take him?” “He was so young, and had so much more to live for; why him?” “Where is God in all of this chaos?” “Why is God so unjust?” These are all very good questions; ones that may or may not have answers.


What if we were to turn our ear to God rather than just accusing him all the time? Instead of constantly asking for things, and for God to show us why he has done something as terrible as taking a teenage boy, why don’t we listen a bit and let God work his magic in his perfect timing.


God’s timing was impeccable as always this past week, and he truly made a heaven on earth on my community during this time and many lives have been changed. There were many who dedicated their lives to God, many who rediscovered their own yearning for God, and others who began to question what this life really is about.


These questions are hard ones that need to be answered; you can’t ignore them forever.


So here is your challenge: Why not sit for a while, turn your ear to God and figure out why you’re here on earth. You have been put here for a reason, and ask why these things happen, ask what the meaning of life, and ask God about justice. Yes, I do realize that I am being VERY contradictory in my words, but I think you are smart enough to figure it out.


3 thoughts on “Return to your rest, my soul.

  1. davidhsm

    Hmmm…very thoughtful. But thinking about death always leaves me depressed. I don’t wanna die. And I feel that when I do die, I will be conscious inside but unable to move or breath, or do anything else other than just know that I am being buried ‘alive’ and strange things are happening to my body as I spend my afterlife in my cozy coffin. Gasp! I wish there were a magical potion or a medical fluid that can make me live forever as long as I’d like. I know my thoughts are funny but I guess it’s just the instinct of self preservation turned into intelligent musings.

  2. This is really sightful. Thank you for sharing. I agree with you on everything. A girl in my hometown that went to my church committed suicide months ago, and we all asked ourselves why God didn’t help her if she believed in him. But I thought, maybe she didn’t truly know Him and what He is capable of. She put it off as just another fairy tale and no one explained to her the truth. She denied the fact that there is Someone there. And that made me really sad. I have a hard time controlling my emotions so when I get sad… I get sad. I always have to pray first before I think of doing anything dumb. And every single prayer has had encouraging words and thoughts. I am thankful for that every day, it has saved me so much pain and sorrow. This is why I thank you for writing this.

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